Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri

Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri

Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri is one of the specialist on “Puranas“. He had retired from his teaching career on 30th Nov 2010 and immediately involved in a new project. The project is “Encyclopedia of Puranas“. He approached this project of creating and Encyclopedia from three angles – place, time and character. All the places will have link to the present places of India. The ‘time‘ related words like kali yug, dapar yug, nimesh, muhurta, etc. will have modern time interpretations. We are confident that this will be a modern historic work from a great researcher and scholar of Puranas.

He is working on this project for the last 15 years. That was a manual endeavor. Like other encyclopedias he was making card entries manually. Normal people always have an inhibition to any new approach or technology. Although being a Sanskrit scholar and at the age of 60+ NP Bhaduri assimilated latest technologies like ‘google earth’ with elan.

His another passion is “Mahabharata“. He, at this age, is passionate to start translating the great epic “The Mahabharata” in Bengali. Here his approach will be to make the translation more contemporary.

- In fine, I am is in search of his motivation of taking such stupendous work at his age. Normal people like us think it as courage but it is shear passion that drives this kind of people to carry out the job they decided to be done by them. They think it as their own responsibility towards the society. Government of West Bengal this year allocated a grant of Rs.12 lakhs for his project. He is humble to be grateful for this allocation. We researchers know that grants of several times of this meager amount are allocated to large number of researchers in India by Government of India but the yield is very poor. We must salute this person and pray to God to allow him with good health to complete the works he decided to accomplish. Our society will be the ultimate gainer from his endeavor.

Reference: “Tar haate mahabharat” by Chandralekha Dasgupta, published in “Sangbad Pratidin” 25th march 2012

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